Quality You Can Trust

High-quality products and low prices together at last

We never use high-fructose corn syrup, added trans fats, artificial colors or flavors in any fresh&easy brand products and only use preservatives when absolutely necessary. Because our simple stores are designed to save money, we can offer these high-quality products at incredibly low prices everyday.

Our meat is always delivered fresh to store

To ensure the best quality for you, we only source meat from suppliers that we hand pick.


our growers bring you the freshest produce

We add a freshness date, so you know you're buying the freshest fruits and vegetables and can be assured that we know where they are coming from.


Our ready to cook meals are made from the highest quality ingredients

They're delivered daily to our stores, so they're always fresh from our kitchen to yours and they contain no artificial colors, flavors or added trans fat.


Fresh dairy

Our milk, yogurt & butter come from rBST hormone free animals


delightful deli

We freshly prepare deli products in our own kitchen


real bakers

Our breads and desserts are made with wholesome ingredients by real bakers.