March into 3x Points

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030413_3x Point Event -March 2013

Get 3x points for spending your Friends Rewards March 27th - 31st

Get ready! From March 27th - 31st, when you spend your Friends Rewards at fresh&easy, you'll earn 3x points on every qualifying dollar in your purchase.  Learn our tips to earning the most points so you'll be ready when the 3x points event arrives, and then read up on the basics of participating in the event! 


Punch it in!

Link your phone number to your Friends account online. If you don't have your Friends card with you at the store, you can still earn points on your shopping trip by entering your phone number at the check-out..


Don't clip, click!

Take care of business with bonus points coupons!  Bonus point offers are announced via email and on the Friends site - check out which items may be earning you extra points this week!


There's an app for that!

Download the Friends app for Android or iPhone and get it all in the palm of your hand, from a list of the bonus point coupons to a digital version of your Friends card that you can scan at the check-out if you don't have your card handy. 


The more the merrier.

Link up to 3 cards to your Friends account online and have each of the members of your household use them when they shop at the store. You'll never miss out on any points and you won't have to pass a Friends card back and forth!

*Please note - only the Primary card on the account may be used to spend the Friends Rewards when multiple cards are linked.


Everyone loves birthday presents.

Make sure you add your birth date to your Friends account online. Birthdays are always cause for celebration and we just may give you a little birthday gift in your Friend account. 

It's simple to earn 3x points during the event March 27-31 - just spend your Friends Rewards and follow these basic steps:

  • Convert your Friends points to Rewards when you reach 500 or more via your Friends account online, a Friends email you've received or your Friends mobile app
  • When you begin to check-out, scan your Friends card like you do each time you shop
  • When you're ready to pay, select 'Rewards' as your method of payment and swipe your Friends card through the pinpad like you would any credit or debit card. Learn more about paying with Rewards on our FAQs.
3x points will be earned on every qualifying dollar of your purchase, but will not immediately display on your receipt at the time of purchase. It takes up to 48 hours for the additional points to be added to your Friend account. You will see these points added to your Friends account when you check your Friends account balance online or via your mobile app.

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