How do I contact you?

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What is Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market?

Fresh & Easy is a grocery store that offers fresh, high-quality food at affordable prices right in the neighborhood. All fresh&easy brand products do not contain any artificial colors or flavors, added trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup and only use preservatives when absolutely necessary. As a friend to the environment, fresh&easy stores use 30% less energy than a typical supermarket. You can find stores throughout Arizona, California and Nevada. To find a store near you, visit our Store Locator.

Where are you located?

We're located in neighborhoods in Arizona, California and Nevada. Regarding specific locations, please check out our "Store Locator" page for more information.

Where can I find the store hours and telephone number for my neighborhood fresh&easy?

Just look on the "Store Locator" page, enter your zip code and select your preferred store to see store hours and more store information.

What forms of payment are accepted at checkout?

We accept cash, most major credit cards and electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards to make it simple for everyone.

Why don't you have attendants at every checkout station?

Our customers have a choice when checking out. They can check out by themselves or with assistance, whichever they find most convenient. This also helps us to keep our cost down so we can keep our prices low for our customers.

Why do you put your produce in packages?

To help keep things simple, we've put a date code on all of our products so customers know they are at their best. Based on customer feedback, we now offer a range of loose produce and we're always finding ways to reduce our packaging wherever possible.

What is better, paper or plastic?

It is a difficult question and environmentalists are split on the issue. Ultimately, if you need a bag, the best option is a reusable one, and we offer several reusable bags including one we sell for only 99 cents. In order to make our standard carrier bags as environmentally friendly as possible, we've made them out of 50% recycled plastic and they're durable so you don't need to double bag. We also offer plastic bag recycling at every store.

How do I apply for a job with fresh&easy?

For information about joining our team, visit the "Careers" page of the website.