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We’re very excited to partner with eScrip to continue supporting local schools. We’ve made it easier than ever to participate – instead of collecting hundreds or even thousands of crumpled-up shopping receipts, parents, teachers, family members and friends can use a Fresh & Easy Friends card to help your school or non-profit organization earn valuable funds.

What’s new?

  • You can use your Fresh & Easy Friends card to earn money for your school.
  • You can earn up to 5% of your qualifying purchases each month. The more you spend, the more your school benefits.
  • Supporters and schools can track contributions online at
  • You can earn all year round!
  • Schools will receive an electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment each month.

How it works

  • Starting on July 23, 2014, if you don’t have one already, pick-up a Friends card from your local Fresh & Easy store or Wild Oats, a fresh&easy Market.
  • Create an account at (be sure to link your Friends card!)  With a Friends account and your Friends card linked, you can reap the benefits of earning points and get Shop for Schools emails and exclusive offers.
  • Sign up at
    • Create your account.
    • Select the school you want to raise money for by searching for the school in the search box. You can select up to 3 schools or non-profit organizations and the donation you earn will be split up evenly.
    • Enter your 18-digit primary Friends card.  What is a primary Friends card?
    • Once you’ve completed the Sign Up process, you will receive a Welcome Email from eScrip with the password you created.
    • After you’ve completed the Sign Up process, the website will automatically redirect you to a page ( that will display your Supporter ID or Username. My eScrip tracks your spending online and shows the percentage of your shops that has been awarded to your selected school.

Fresh & Easy will make contributions at the beginning of each month to your chosen school(s) based on the purchases you’ve made with your Shop for Schools registered Friends card.

How much can you earn?

    • Every month, your total qualifying spend is broken into tiers and a percentage of each tier is calculated.
      • For your first $1-$100, you’ll earn 2%.
      • For your next $101-$300, you’ll earn 3%.
      • For your $301 and beyond, you’ll earn 5%!
    • Qualifying spends are reset at the 1st of every month.  Each qualifying spend transaction is rounded down to the nearest whole dollar.
Example: If your monthly total qualifying spend was $350, the contribution would be $10.50 as follows:

To date, local schools raised more than $6.1 million through Shop for Schools!


Check out some of our top-fundraising schools!

OurLadyOfSorrow.jpg   Sunset.jpg

Our Lady of Sorrows Academy

  Sunset View Elementary
SilverGate.jpg   StElizabeth.jpg

Silver Gate Elementary


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

Downloadable Materials:

Shop For Schools Handout | Black & White Handout (half sheet)            Mini Poster | Black & White Mini Poster

Friends Rewards Info Sheet              fresh&easy Info Sheet            Helpful Tips

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Fresh & Easy reserves the right to cancel or alter the terms of the Shop for Schools program at any time and without advance notice.  Click here for the Shop For Schools Official Rules.